Thank you for choosing Boardwalk Entertainment! We take every step to ensure that your big day leaves memories that last a lifetime. From pre-planning till the time you walk out the door with your soulmate we make sure your wedding is executed just the way you envision it!

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That is why your professional wedding entertainers from Boardwalk Entertainment has mastered party planning and will create a strategic musical plan to complement every moment-from introductions and specialty dances to cake cutting and high energy dancing. Whether your favorite songs are Top-40, Motown, Country, Rock, Swing, Big Band, Jazz, Hip-Hop, or a combination of many genres, our experienced DJs can mix the right tunes from each style to create wedding music that you will remember for a lifetime.

We truly understand and know that the flow and when you play a certain song is as important as what song is chosen to create the moment. From dipping on the dance floor to romantic interludes, your guests will connect with songs you’ve planned and tunes your disc jockey instinctively chooses. You’ll be able to enjoy your day and have a wedding celebration that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

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